PenUltimate Destinations

The Youls

We are:


Likes: Mountain bike riding, motor racing, RedBull
Dislikes: Queueing for petrol, Coffee

Riding on water in South Africa!


Likes: Baking, Camping, Mountain biking

At the highest restaurant in Australia


Likes: Ballet, Gymnastics, Swimming, Reading, Writing
Dislikes:Vegetables, staying still

We love lying around in the camper

We still enjoy lying around in the camper… even 4 years later!


Likes: Bike riding, curries, cars, soccer, rugby
Dislikes: Traffic jams,

Love to drive and ride my bike.


Likes: Camping, Road trips, singing “When you’re happy and you know it”
Dislikes: Kids ignoring me, being left at home.

My favourite place, in the back of the car ready to go camping!

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