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Camp Blackman – Warrumbungles

15 – 19 April, 2018

Our last minute plans for these holidays were to visit some friends at Coolah, and then head out to the Warrumbungles. At the last minute we discovered that there were a couple of activities at the Warrumbungles that we were keen for the kids to do, so we only had a quick overnight stop with our friends before heading to Coonabarabran to get some supplies and head into the Warrumbungles.

Our site from the sky

Camp Blackman was our first choice of a number of options and we’re glad we stayed here as it was within walking distance of all of the activities that we wanted to participate in. Most of the sites were bitumen, so it would be a little compromised for a soft floor, but we found a great spot for the Ultimate, and the kids swags could go on the ground out past the bollards. For a National Park too – the prices of the activities and site, were very reasonable. Even with hot showers at the campsite!

Great location

Tuesday morning we had the kids booked into a Junior Ranger course, which they loved. They were taught how to find directions using the sun and stars and to use a compass. Then were given a short orienteering course to follow. The best part was they were able to do it without parents! Yay! We had about 3 hours to ourselves which was a little piece of bliss.

Family harmony… it is like this all the time…

The kids had almost as much fun as the adults, and as a bonus were pretty worn out when they returned! A cruisy afternoon followed, enjoying the beautiful weather and views. The kids also made friends with a few other kids who were camping nearby, and enjoyed hanging out with them over the few days we were here.

Great little campsite

Wednesday we had a couple of short walks and did some more exploring. In the evening a local astronomer came up with her telescopes and was able to show us a range of different stars and planets. The kids really loved this too – the highlight seeing some of Jupiter’s moons.

Spectacular country

Three relaxing nights here and before we knew it we were packing up to head on. This would have been a good spot to have our bikes, and do some exploring of the area on the bikes. We didn’t bring them this time, so we’ll know for the next time that we are here. The weather while we were here was also spectacular, with much warmer (particularly overnight) temperatures than we were expecting. What a bonus!

Beautiful sunsets

I loved it out here and could have easily spent a couple of weeks just enjoying the surroundings and doing not much. I’ll be back sometime!


Nights here: 4
Total nights: 196
Trip distance: 530km
Total distance: 21,361km

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