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Del Rio Resort – Wisemans Ferry (CCS Camping Weekend)

I’d been planning for some time to get a group of staff from Covenant Christian School (where I work) together for a camping weekend. There are a number of families that I know are keen campers, so it would be great to hang out in a more casual environment for a weekend.

We chose Del Rio Resort because it was relatively close to home on the Hawkesbury River at Wisemans Ferry, and also because it had some great facilities to offer for the kids.

Fun on the swings

While plenty of people were keen to join us, it turned out that because of various commitments, a large number couldn’t make it. So it was to be just us and one other family (Jay, Lucy, Henry and Clementine) on Friday evening, before a number of others would join us on Saturday for the day, and an extra family staying on Saturday night.

The weather man promised us the warmest weekend since early March, so we set off looking forward to a nice toasty weekend. I’m glad we chose somewhere close, as it took a whole 2h 20min to travel the 70ish km to the camp site! Seemed plenty of other people thought it might be a good weekend to get away for a little R&R!

The crowd relaxing in the shade, ready for lunch!

With the help of daylight savings, we still arrived with plenty of time to spare for a daylight set up, and before long had the kids bunked down and some food cooking for the adults as we kicked back and enjoyed some quiet reflection!

A mild but overcast Saturday morning greeted us, and it wasn’t long before the BBQ was sizzling with the sound of bacon and eggs. Lucy seemed to be the only one to have been kept awake by a little noise on the opposite side of the campsite overnight, the rest of us thankful we’d chosen a place away from the main activity hub to set up camp.

Yeah, this is fun, but can I get in already?!

The sun quickly burnt off the clouds as the kids got stuck right into the activities available. Face plants on the massive jumping pillow (Lucas thought this was pretty awesome!), and lots of time spent in the pool (kiddies pool was a perfect depth for Ella – although perhaps a tad too deep for Lucas!) were highlights for the growing crowd of revellers from CCS.

Before long it was time to fire up the BBQ again (did it ever turn off??) for the big CCS BBQ. Those who stayed around enjoyed a variety of sausages, steaks, chicken pieces etc, along with some great salads and good company as the balmy evening gave us a taste of summer (come back!).

Another great night sleep for us, as Lucas was enjoying being out of the porta-cot and on his own stretcher bed next to his sister. Was so cute to see them lying there next to each other, having fallen asleep holding hands. Awwww…

Lucas was VERY excited to be sleeping on the stretcher next to his sister!

Sunday morning we had a relaxed start, and a VERY lazy pack up. Stopping regularly to play with the kids and watch them riding their bikes. We were all done by about 11, and back on the road to reality again.

This will probably be our last trip before our big adventure over the December / January holidays to Fraser Island and QLD… our night tally is now at 38, but there’s a very good chance that will soar to over 100 in the very near future! Watch this space for more updates!

Wisemans Ferry Camping

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