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Easts Beach Big 4 – Kiama

13-16 April, 2012

I needed a rest! The first week of the holidays had been pretty crazy and I needed some time to relax. Away from gardens, trees, mulch, shovels… and anything else associated with gardens!

Fortunately for me we had already locked in a few days away with the Trevaskis and Chew families down at Easts Beach, Kiama. After some final shovel loads of mulch on Friday morning, we hooked up the camper and made our way across Sydney and to Kiama. By the time we arrived at about 3, the others had already been there for about an hour and were getting well set up. We found our spot quickly and before long we were all set up… and the relaxation began!

Henry, Lucas and Ella having fun!

The next few days were all about chilling out and spending time with the kids. They had an absolutely great time riding their bikes, running around and playing with their friends old and new. Lucas in particular had an amazing time on his balance bike. He hasn’t had much time on it up until now (it was a birthday present 4 months ago) but he took to it this weekend like a duck to water. After only a couple of hours on Saturday morning he was getting more and more into it, often traveling 10 metres or more with both feet up and balancing.

A few laps of the campground later and everyone went to sleep very easily that night!

It was great not having anything else to do, and just staying put at the caravan park for the few days and being with friends and family. Evenings were spent chilling out and playing board (or as I like to say… bored) games – but even that was pretty enjoyable. (Shh… don’t tell anyone I said that!) The highlight must have been the pain on Leon’s face as Jay attempted to massage out some chest issues… I’ll let the picture speak for itself!

He didn't even buy him a drink first...

Unfortunately the others needed to pack up and return to Sydney before we did, so we had a quiet Monday afternoon and evening. We took the kids into Kiama for an early dinner of fish and chips by the water and had a great time.

Enjoying our Fish and Chips at the beach together.

It has been a while since we’ve had a wet pack up, but at about 6:30am on Tuesday morning the pitter patter of raindrops on canvas was not a particularly welcome sound to wake to. Fortunately after a couple of short showers, the rain stopped for long enough for us to pack away a 99% dry canvas… turns out we got out just in time as Kiama had 70mm of rain over the next couple of days.

Our campsite after the others had left.

So our latest 4 nights takes our tally to 106 nights. As the weather gets cooler I’m not sure when our next trip will be, so this could be the last update for a few months… but then again, who knows! 🙂

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