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Four Seasons in one Week

Ok, so it isn’t quite the same as the Crowded House song “Four Seasons in one Day” (I think they must have been referring to Melbourne – or perhaps Auckland given their origins), but our week at Narrabeen has been a picture of four seasons… and currently we’re enduring winter!

As we arrived this time last week, the weather couldn’t have been better. It was a beautiful sunny mild summer afternoon – perfect. The first couple of days of the week were similarly very tough to take. In fact the toughest part was getting up in the morning and heading off to work when all anyone wanted to do was to enjoy the weather and hang out as a family.


Nevertheless, off to work we went, and enjoyed returning ‘home’ in the afternoon to our seaside resort. ‘Gran and Pa’, who also live down at Narrabeen came down every afternoon to spend some time with Lucas and Ella – which everyone loved! It was great to see them all playing together – Pa would take the kids across to a little sand island at low tide. They had an absolute ball splashing and paddling in the water.


Then on Wednesday evening, with the end of the week in sight, the wind came. A southerly change up with the best of them threatening to blow the tent off the trailer! Of course that didn’t happen, the Trackabout standing up to everything that mother nature could throw at it.

We continued to enjoy our time and despite some cooler conditions made the most of our time here. Friday night was great when the Trevaskis family came to join us for a BBQ dinner.


Saturday was another absolutely gorgeous day. I spent a fair bit of time doing a bit of maintenance to the trailer, fixing a handbrake cable that I’d broken on arrival last Sunday and a couple of other things that needed to be done. Wood Fired Pizza for dinner was a pretty special treat: “Pizza pizza pizza”… I think Lucas enjoyed it!

This morning we left for Church under clear, calm, sunny skies. But returned to the middle of winter! Another cold southerly change came through, this time with more rain, and probably even stronger winds. So we’ve spent the rest of this afternoon with the sides to the annexe all zipped up and watched the canvas flap and blow around us.


We’ve now got only two more nights here, before we head off towards Fraser Island. We’re busy packing, organising, sorting everything into two piles. Stuff to leave here in Sydney, and stuff to take. My car is getting packed with the stuff to stay here to be safely stored for the next 6 weeks.

So I’m making the most of the dreary conditions and am set up with the iPad and keyboard updating away. I figure the next couple of days will be pretty busy – so the time to update was now.

Hopefully we’re not going to continue with the Crowded House theme over the whole trip. “Take the Weather with You” isn’t sitting too well with me at the moment!

By the time we leave here on Tuesday morning, our night total will be up to 47. I think we’re getting our money’s worth!


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One thought on “Four Seasons in one Week

  1. Pete Muddle

    Great update Youl family. We will miss you while you are away – but what a great adventure awaits. Please take lots of photos, especially at Fraser Island! Love Muddles.

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