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Kitchen Shelf

While we were still researching camper trailers, before buying ours almost 12 months ago, we came across a couple of modifications people had done to their kitchens which had impressed us. Like this one, and also this one on a trackabout.

But we had in mind something that would hopefully be a little simpler to set up in order to use some of that wasted space on the tailgate above the spare wheel. I also wasn’t keen (ok, my welding skills are on the ‘basic’ side) on doing any metalwork, and didn’t really want to put any holes into the tailgate.

A little bit of thought, and I decided on a folding design, that would use a couple of piano hinges to mount to the existing Drifta kitchen. A bit of paper planning later, and I had a basic design…

Some very rough planning was necessary!


A quick trip to Bunnings later and I was surprised to find a sheet of 12mm AA grade marine ply already cut to almost the exact size I needed! I picked up some lacquer and a few screws and bits and pieces and got to work.

Before long, with the help of the Jig Saw and a bit of sanding / planing, I had a mock up of the shelf ready to test in the space.

This is what the finished product will look like...


You can see here the idea of the shelf. It will fold down on top of the Drifta kitchen, and then fold up and sit on top of the spare, providing a massive increase of bench space. There wil also be a strip of LED lights on the underside of the shelf, providing light over the bench and stove area.

A few coats of lacquer went on, piano hinge polished up and then it was time to assemble.

All assembled up – and it looks the goods…

Closed position - as the tail gate opens up.

Step 1 - Closed position - as the tail gate opens up.

Step 2 - partially opened, the kitchen bench can be swung over in this position.


Step 3 - All open, and strip LED light on


Another view, this time with the clock mounted


All finished, I’m really happy with how it all works. There may be a few small tweaks over time, perhaps an angle strip around the back and sides of the shelf to stop things rolling away. But for now, we’re just waiting anxiously to get away again and put it to good use!

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