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Peach Trees Camping Area

2 – 4 January 2016
Kangaroos by the dozen, Gum trees, a suspension bridge, bird life, flushing toilets, fire pits, but not one Peach Tree to be seen.
Now we’ve got that straight, we left Bargara with only a vague idea of where we might end up. I’d sussed out Peach Trees on wikicamps and it looked like a pretty good option. We were re-tracing our steps from our trip from Neurum to Bargara nearly a week earlier, but turned off the bitumen onto the dirt, and what looked like a pretty good short cut, cutting out Kilcoy from our drive. Turned out to be a beautiful scenic drive, and a quick chat to the ranger we nearly (literally) bumped into coming the opposite direction confirmed that the road through to Jimna was indeed open, and nothing that we couldn’t handle.

A nice little spot on our “shortcut” towards Jimna

We arrived later in the afternoon and found the conveniently located public telephone to call through our booking – no mobile reception out here! We booked in for 2 nights, and thought we’d extend if we felt like it. There was plenty of space, so couldn’t see any point booking for longer. We were quickly set up and really enjoying the feeling of space and far more relaxed atmosphere here. The kids made friends with some others who were camping nearby, and had a glow stick spectacular that night!

After Bargara, we were enjoying the feeling of space!

I did find, however, a screw in the tyre of the camper when I was setting up. A quick turn of the screw to see if I could remove it was met with the rushing “pssshhhhhh” of air escaping from the tyre. I left the screw in there, and decided to keep an eye on it and try and get it fixed in Kilcoy when we left.

Suspension bridge was fun

A relaxing day followed with some sitting around, a walk along the suspension bridge, and a game of soccer with the new nets that Lucas was given for Christmas. We were even able to scrounge up enough firewood that had been left at surrounding campsites for our first fire of the holidays.

Our first fire of the trip

A few showers came through overnight and the following morning we took our time packing up and getting moving. It was a treat to be able to open the windows and see kangaroos grazing all around our site. We could have easily stayed longer here, and understand that in peak times, long weekends and such, it gets extremely busy. But 2 nights was enough, and we were on the road again to see what would be next!

It isn’t too bad waking up to this

Nights here: 2
Total nights: 52
Trip distance: 313km
Total distance: 5014km
Cost: $47
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