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Pick up and Registration

It should have been so simple. Drive to Brisbane, pick up trailer, drive home, get blue slip, visit RTA and pay money, done. But not all things go to plan…

You see, it was around the same time that we decided to buy a new tow car. The Discovery TD5 had been a great car, but was costing us a fortune to run and had to go. A suitable replacement was found in a Toyota Prado of similar vintage with low (city) kms. However, there was no tow bar, so the installation of such pushed back the pick up a few days. No problem.

I drove up to Brisbane on a Wednesday, and was on the doorstep of Trackabout at 8am the following morning, ready to take our new CT home.

The trip home went without incident, although I’m sure I watched my rear vision mirror even more than usual – making sure everything was ok with our new pride and joy.

All that was left to do was to get it registered and we would be off all over the countryside! Who would have thought this would be the difficult part of the process?! The NSW RTA are usually so easy to deal with…

First step was to get a weighbridge ticket and a blue slip. Both went smoothly until I fronted up to the RTA on a Saturday morning with all the paperwork. I’d previously read that camper trailers were exempt from stamp duty in NSW, so when ‘Miss Attitude’ behind the glass gave me a bill of $600+, I baulked a little. Seemed the blue slip was marked ‘BXT’ or Box trailer – when it should have been marked ‘CVT’ which indicates Caravans and other inhabitable structures.

When the original blue slip supplier refused to change the blue slip, I needed to find another. Fortunately a short ring around quickly found someone that actually knew what they were doing, and I got a correct blue slip. Back to the RTA the following weekend and I was served by a much more helpful attendant, who even gave me a choice of a new style black on white number plate.

And X-02110 was ready to traverse the land!

We were now ready for business!

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