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Stroud Farm Weekend

Less than two weeks have passed since our last adventure, yet we found the time to head away again. This time only for a very quick overnight trip – our first single night at a location in fact.

We went away with Dave and Kate and family again, for the first time since Mannering Park, in November last year. (Something about having a new baby slowed them down a little since then!) The destination was to be at Kate’s dad’s farm not far from Stroud. The farm now has a nicely fitted out shed, composting toilet etc, so was a great way for them to get back into it.

Our Trackabout, Dave and Kate's GIC, and the shed from the top of the hill.


The purpose was also for us to get used to setting up the campers for a single night stay, as we will have a few of them on “The Big Trip” (TBT) to Fraser and QLD later this year.

We arrived at the farm not long after 9:30 – on an absolutely stunning day. The girls and the kids checked out the shed, while Dave and I discussed 27 different options for where to put the trailers, before we settled on a layout and moved them into place. We actually learnt that for a quick stay, it doesn’t matter so much where and how you are located. So what if the trailer / tent is on ground that is a little uneven, you really don’t notice that much.

Before long tents were up (without annexe) and we were ready for relaxing!

This was going to be hard to take... the view looking east


We all went for a walk to the top of the hill, the kids checked out some local wildlife through the binoculars (Goanna up a tree), the big kids (dads) took the little kids for rides on the quad bike (it really was a good shed!), we took some camp council photos, before settling down to cook dinner on the bbq.

Camp council - has expanded since last trip with them!

The kids went to bed really well after dinner, and the rest of us spent some more time relaxing and planning TBT. Naturally, we were all in bed pretty early!

Not quite sure if Ella ever found what everyone else was looking at...

The sun gets up mighty early at the moment, so when we got out of bed at 7am, it seemed as though we’d had a great sleep in. A big cooked breakfast went down a treat and before long it was warming up again to another sparkling day.

Ella having fun on the quadbike!

The wind came up long enough to entertain the kids with kite flying before we started to pack up at about lunch time. The drive home wasn’t a long one, so we didn’t leave there until about 2pm.

Happy Family!

We arrived home at about 5, the camper was away, car unpacked, kids bathed, and dinner on the table by 5:30. We’ve got that routine sorted out now!

Every little bit counts, the tally of nights now stands at 32.

This is what it is all about, spending time with family and great friends...


Stroud Camping

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