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Absolute Beachfront Caravan Park – Bargara

22-26 December, 2011

We arrived here fairly late in the afternoon in constant showers and wind. There are two parks in Bargara, this one is pretty small, and they have sites that are right on the waterfront. We were allocated one of these sites, which didn’t look too bad. It was a bit windy, but we thought we could make it work.

The Trackabout was disconnected and I started to try and peg out the ground tarp… without much success. The ground was extremely rocky and almost like a bitumen surface. I’d have needed diamond tipped pegs and a decent sized sledge hammer to penetrate the surface.

The caretaker had mentioned there was another site available, so we made some enquiries about this. It was on a concrete slab designed for use by caravans – which was less than ideal – but it was going to have to do. I positioned the drawbar over the slab, and set up just off the side of it. The rain and wind were increasing, but I managed to get set up pretty quickly while Rach cooked some sausages for the kids in the camp kitchen.

Through the night the wind and rain increased, ex Tropical Cyclone Fina was slowly moving away from the QLD coast, but gave us a bit of a battering as it did so. The next day was rotten. Really strong wind and constant showers hung around for the whole day. Rach and Ella went to the shops with Alina and the kids… while Lucas and I had a very cruisy day at the camper, fixing up a few bits and pieces and just relaxing.


As the water ran through over the grass under the annexe we left to have dinner with Dean and Alina’s family. They are living with Alina’s mum, as their house is built. The first of many BBQ feasts over the next few days was had as enjoyed catching up with them. After we got home I got the Christmas lights up…


More food the next morning at a breakfast extravaganza for Christmas eve. We had a pretty relaxing day as the weather begun to improve, before heading out for dinner with them at a restaurant just around the corner. I enjoyed the 400gm rump steak!

True to form, Santa found us in Bargara and managed to sneak into the camper while we were all sleeping and left plenty of presents for the kids. Before heading back to have lunch with Dean and Alina and extended family, we made the trip to the local church in Bargara for the Christmas Day service. We really enjoyed the service and it was such a beautiful little church.


The rest of the day was spent in true Christmas Day style, lots of food, a few drinks, and a whole lot of fun. The kids had a great time and played really well all day. I managed to sneak in a bike ride during the afternoon too. I went into Bundy for a look around, then fought against a strong headwind for the whole 15km trip home!

On Boxing Day we took the kids out to Elliot Heads to have a swim at the beach. This is a beautiful spot, with a really friendly spot for the kids to do some swimming and playing in the water.


The following day it was time for us to pack up, say our goodbyes, and move on to our next stop. We had a great time catching up with family and look forward to seeing them again soon.

These last 5 nights took our total to 67 nights!

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