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Freshwater Camping Area, Cooloola Coast

It was earlier than we expected when we arrived back at Rainbow Beach, but by the time we had put some air back in the tyres, given the car and camper a full underbody wash, and filled up with fuel, it was almost time for lunch.  
A quick bite to eat from the local bakery and we began our trek to the Freshwater camping area, on the Cooloola Coast. About 4km out of Rainbow Beach we turned onto the dirt and 16km later arrived at the camp ground. Yet again, we couldn’t find the idea, spot straight away and we were all getting a bit frustrated. We decided to do s quick set up for one night, and then see if we had any better ideas in the morning.  

A pleasant night later we decided that we could probably make it work by using one of the tent sites next to where Dave and Kate had set up. It wasn’t perfect, and meant that we would both need to move the trailers again, but we figured for a 6 night stay it would be worth it.  

So we scratched around and set ourselves up again before the girls headed into Tin Can Bay to check out the markets, and the boys went into Gympie to get a new battery for our camper. The next week was fantastic. Frlaxing, going for walks, playing with the kids, and generally doing not too much was just what we needed.  

We spent some time at the beach…  

Did some bike maintenance..  

… And even had a day trip to Noosa, which involved a 40km drive along the beach to get there. The highlight of the drive was trying to run over all of the bluebottles that were washed up on the beach. Every time you got one it would give a satisfying ‘pop!’… Think of it like popping bubble wrap, but on a bigger scale and you will understand how addictive it was!!  

This is the view from Noosa, looking back up the coast. The furthest visible point on the horizon is pretty much where our campsite was.  
The downside to this place was the mice. They got into our kitchen and ate Ella’s bowl! After that night we closed the kitchen each night, but they were still running around our annexe, so we ended up deciding to leave one day early (6 nights) and head up to Bargara. We enjoyed our time here, but when we come back will probably go for a beach front camping spot that we saw on the way to Noosa.  
But for now, we were happy to be heading onto the next stage of the journey.  


6 more nights and the total is at 62.  

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