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Big 4 Adelaide Shores

30 September – 3 October, 2014

We were able to get away from Nurioopta fairly early with no packing up to do, and made our way into Adelaide. Our first stop was the local Specialized bike shop, to pick up Ella’s early 7th Birthday present – a new bike! They spent some time making sure it was fitted to her well, before we loaded it up and headed to the Big 4 Adelaide Shores Caravan Park.

We didn’t spend much time exploring Adelaide, as I was there for a work conference, while being able to attend the wedding of an old friend and neighbour Andrew, to Therese. Our campsite was your typical caravan park affair – we had a site right next to Mum and Dad.

The highlight of the 4 days here was definitely the wedding. It was a great location right on the water, and very exciting to see Andrew and Therese get married.

The wedding location

From Adelaide we were planning to head back to Sydney in one stretch, so were mostly packed up on Friday night before an early night. We had pre-warned the kids to expect a LOOOONG day in the car, so when Lucas asked if we were nearly there when we weren’t yet out of greater Adelaide, we were expecting the worst. However the kids were fantastic for the entire journey, and 16 hours, 1400km, and 3 stops later, we were pulling back into our driveway and curling up in our own beds.

What a great trip! By far our highlight was the Murray Sunset National Park, and can’t wait to get back here to explore some more in the future.

Some trip stats:

  • 3 weeks
  • 4169km
  • Average 181.3km per day
  • $1356.12 in fuel
  • Average exonomy – 19.78 l/100km
  • Best economy – 17.6 l/100km
  • Worst economy – 24.5 l/100km
  • Average fuel price – $1.64 / litre

Our 4 nights in Adelaide takes our grand total to 175 nights.

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