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New Years at Jilliby Downs

31 December 2014 – 4 January 2015

After 2 weeks in New Zealand over Christmas, it was time to catch up with Dave and Kate again over New Years. We took the camping to them again, and spent 5 nights with them at “Jilliby Downs”.


Ella loved collecting the eggs.

Catching up with the Swans on New Years Day. Yes, 12 kids from only 3 families… and we only have 2 of them…

We arrived on New Years Eve, and had a great night, followed by 5 days of hanging out and relaxing. On Sunday evening we went to see the Central Coast Mariners game with Dave, Kate and fam, and Kate’s sister Trini and her fiancee Pete. We had a great time, and the kids absolutely loved the atmosphere and the game. Particularly Lucas, who is now even more soccer mad.

We sing for Yellow! At the Central Coast Mariners game.

NYE camping fun!

As always we had a great time, and managed to get our camping fix for the holidays.

We had 5 nights here, so the total number of nights we’ve spent in the camper is now 180!

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