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Big 4 Lake Macquarie

29 November – 1 December, 2013.

When Rob and Barbs suggested another camping weekend with some other families from church, including Ben and Emma, we thought that this Big 4 that we’ve been to twice before would be a good option. Right on the water, and a great family atmosphere. Barbs booked and confirmed that we could have a dog and a bird there as pets, and before we knew it we were all there!

There was a little rain on Friday evening as we set up, but that did nothing to dampen our enthusiasm for another great weekend away. (Or was that because Barbs broke the rules AGAIN and offered drinks before setup was complete?!)

Our setup included plenty of bikes!

We had a nice slow Saturday, kids playing well, lots of bike riding (Lucas had a decent stack when he tried to use his ankle as a brake against his tyre!) and some afternoon nibbles.

Afternoon nibbles was very civilised!

It was then, just before some of the guys headed out for a bike ride, that the weekend park manager came over and started abusing some of the ladies in our group about having a dog in the park. The same dog that we had confirmed at booking time was ok. He was rude and aggressive and intimidating towards the women.

After it was made clear to him that we booked for the dog he calmed down a little – however it left a very sour taste in our mouth. We’ve had 2 fantastic experiences at this park, however now, thanks to the actions of this gentleman, we won’t be returning to this park again.

Ella enjoying some riding

The rest of the weekend was uneventful, the boys got in that ride, and we enjoyed hanging out around the fire provided by Rob and Barbs’ “Oz Pig”… but for a change, we were very happy to leave on Sunday morning, never to return to the Big 4 Lake Macquarie – Monterey Tourist Park.

The boys out for a ride

Our two nights here puts our total at 131.

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