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Cundle Flat Farm

14-16 January, 2012

It is our home away from home… we love coming back to Cundle. And while this time was no exception, it was accompanied by a tinge of sadness, as we knew this was our last stop before we were back to Sydney and reality!

We were greeted warmly as always by Ollie and Kristina and caught up on some of the news on the farm since we were last there a little over 12 months ago. The most remarkable was the difference made to the camping area by the significant floods back in July 2011. A large grass area was simply washed away, leaving only the river rocks exposed.

Cundle looking awesome - there was SOME sunshine at least!

Fortunately the camping area was so large to begin with that our regular spot still had plenty of room for us. Ollie has also been able to reclaim a few other smaller spots that provide some more intimate camping opportunities than there were before. Talk about making the best of a bad situation!

The grass used to go all the way to the tree line... probably lost about 10 metres

I set up fairly quickly as we could see a storm approaching – and just as I had enough shelter the heavens opened in a fairly decent storm. Then we had a fair bit of rain over the next couple of days… hardly surprising as we always seem to bring the rain to Cundle!

The kids had a great time with mummy making a cubby house inside the tent, and played really well considering the rain.

It was great to see Mark and Jess, the nephew of our old camping buddies Rob and Hailey who are in the UK at the moment, who came in on the Monday afternoon. It was a shame we had to leave the next day and couldn’t hang out with them more. Perhaps when Rob and Hails get back we can all come back to Cundle!

Lucas was stoked to have a ride on the 'tractor'!

Before we knew it, Tuesday morning had arrived and it was time to pack up and head back into Sydney. But not before Ollie brought out his lawn mower for me to take the kids for a ride. They both loved going on Ollie’s ‘Tractor’ – definitely a highlight for them!

Three nights here, and we’ve now spent 88 nights in our camper since September 2011… not bad going!

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