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Hungry Gate Camping Area – Hat Head National Park

10-13 January, 2012

After the infamous “finger incident”, we changed our plans slightly. We had planned to head further south, but chose to not go so far and remain fairly close to medical help should Rach’s finger turn feral with infection etc.

The kids sitting back and relaxing

A quick look at the Camping Guide to NSW found plenty of places not too far away from Nambucca. With a rough course of action in mind, we set off heading south once more. We drove through South West Rocks and then on to Hat Head where we had lunch next to the boat ramp. While we were there we were entertained by boats coming and going, NSW Fisheries investigating a couple of Marlin who had been cruelly slaughtered and dumped in a bin, and some local council guys testing water quality. It was all happening!

Our full setup - solar panels, shower etc.

After all that excitement we went to check out the first of our possible homes for the next 4 days. Hungry Gate camping area was only a few km south of Hat Head, and inside the national park of the same name. There was a very nice open glassy area with only a few other campers spread around. Perfect!

Our hosts for the 4 nights

We set up facing north so that we would have good shade all day, and had a beautiful open area in front of us. The camp chair came out, drink holder filled, and we sat back to enjoy. It wasn’t long before the resident Kangaroos came to check us out! They would be hanging around for the next 4 days – never far away. We’d often look over our shoulder and there they were, not more than a metre or two away.

Over the next few days we made a couple of day trips to Crescent Head and Kempsey… and that was about it. We just hung out which was awesome. We discovered the bakery in Crescent Head and had to visit two days in a row. The second day we found a short cut through the national park that changed a 40km drive to about 15km – I was pretty happy with that one!

The weather was beautiful and warm, which was fortunate considering there were no showers here so we had to do it ourselves with the solar bag / 12v shower / shower tent. The solar bag worked a treat for the kids again, and we hung it from the roof of the car which was just the right height. Our 12v shower was also great, we used the remainder of the solar heated water, added a kettle full to the 20 litre jerry can and had an awesome shower!

These dunes were just a short walk up behind the campground

Rach’s finger continued to heal up nicely as we re-dressed it every night, which meant we didn’t need to go back to ‘civilisation’ after all. Regardless, this was an awesome spot, and the rest was exactly what we all wanted at this point in time.

We think the Goannas here ate pretty well...

We’re now up to 85 nights.

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