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Cundle Flat

We hadn’t been this excited about a holiday in a long time. The previous 3 weekends had been spent packing, sorting, and re-packing… making sure everything was in place for the first trip in the new Trackabout camper trailer.

We were booked in for 8 nights at Cundle Flat Farm with our friends Dave and Katie and their family. They had also recently bought a camper – a GIC – so we were all keen to get there. We had been to Cundle plenty of times previously, so it was a great location to test out the campers.

We left bright and early Saturday morning, with shiny clean 4WDs (well, at least ours was clean) – and brand spanking camper trailers in tow. The convoy looked a treat as we trundled north along the F3 – hours before the majority of the traffic would have been on the road. 30 ish km of dirt road heading into Cundle meant that the campers had lost their brand new sheen by the time we arrived at about 10am.

On the way

At least one clean car! Note the brand new tyres on the Prado.


The rest of the day was spent taking our time setting up the trailer, getting our beds sorted out, kitchen organised and slowing down into the Cundle way of life.


Our CT all set up.

The first night in the camper trailer was a revelation. It was a relatively cool night, getting down to about 8 degrees, but we were super comfortable and cosy in our bed. We got an extra for egg shell top for the foam mattress which made it every bit as comfortable as our bed at home. We could get used to this!!

Our campsite

Our trackabout on the right, and GIC on the left. Early in the week we had almost the whole campsite to ourselves!

The kids were comfy as well. Ella had a stretcher bunk with a self inflating mattress on top, and Lucas was in his porta cot. We left the top bunk attached above Ella, and used it as a change table / luggage rack. Seemed to work pretty well.

Kids camping

The kids had just as much fun as we did!

The following 7 days were fantastic. Lots of time spent with kids, enjoying the warm weather, and cooking up some delicious treats in the camp oven. The highlight had to be a lamb roast. Cooked perfectly (if I do say so myself), it was succulent and as good as you would get anywhere.

Camp oven

The lamb cooking in one oven, with the veggies in the other.

So we’ve come back extremely happy with the camper – even after packing up in the wet put a slight ‘dampener’ on the whole holiday. We were fortunate to have the time the day after to set up the tent again to dry out, and then take a little bit more time to fold it away neatly and get the bed re-made etc. We have some ideas about how we can improve the trailer with a folding shelf above the kitchen to go back over the spare tyre, and also a bit of lighting throughout the camper.

The Fire

Getting a little artistic with photos of the fire...

Just counting the days now until our next trip!

back home

Just to prove we really did get it dirty!

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