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Trackabout it is!

So the decision was made. We needed a trackabout! But that decision just raised more questions!

What model?

Should we buy used?

Would a new one (if we could afford it) represent better value?

Did we need any particular options?

We scoured the second hand market for a good length of time – checking out carefully any new offerings. Spoke to a few people, and made a few offers. The vendors, however, were asking very close to (or in some cases more than) new prices for their trailers! It just didn’t make sense. (As a side note, it is interesting to see now that some of those trailers are STILL for sale, some 3-4 months later!)

I sent an email to ‘Johnny Trackabout’ – explained our situation and budget, and asked whether he perhaps had any ex-demo models that would suit. He replied via email, and then a couple of days later took the initiative of calling me to discuss my options.

Seemingly before we knew it, Rach and I had discussed our options, and had ordered a brand new Trackabout Deluxe 4×4 Tourer, with a few options. Those options included full annexe walls, extended tonneau cover, bike rack, 12 volt power system, big tool box and a couple of other bits and pieces.

Yes, it streeeeetched our budget!


But we are exceedingly happy with the finished product.

Perhaps the best part of the experience has been dealing with the Trackabout team. They were absolutely fantastic. Great service, great communication, and easy to deal with. Given that they are in Brisbane, these things were all very important to us.

We can’t wait to go away in it!

But first, we had to get it home…. and registered…

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