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Dees Corner Campground

13-17 January 2017

After our couple of days with Trent and the boys, we headed south a little further into Mungo Brush / Myall Lakes NP. The forecast was for more really hot weather, so somewhere by the water was high on the list of priorities for this camp site!

After driving through a couple of other sites, and not really finding anywhere with space, we then arrived at Dees Corner, and found a nice spot with reserve frontage to the lake. Just before we pulled into the site, I noticed a large Diamond Python curled up in the shadow of a large tree – right in the middle of the site. Closer inspection revealed that he was actually quite injured. I suspect that the was under the car of the previous people in the site when they left, and he was run over without them ever knowing about it. I was able to encourage him to move to the side into the bushes so that we could set up our camp site.

Kids playing in the shallows

Once set up, we spoke to NPWS and Wires, both of whom weren’t too interested, and said that there was nothing that could be done and we should just leave him there. Fortunately however, one of the other campers happened to be a vet, and he came and had a look and then took him to a local animal hospital. We don’t know how the snake ended up, but the vet said that it didn’t look good. At least he wasn’t just left in the bushes to die.

Our campsite – you can see it was quite windy here

Excitement done, we had a cruisy four days here. The kids spent heaps of time in the lake, swimming in a nice little shallow area straight out from our camp site. We did some exploring around Hawks Nest and Tea Gardens, and the kids even had a swim at the beautiful beach at Winda Woppa.

Beautiful girls chilling out

The days (and nights) continued to be really hot, and slightly overcast – which put a real drain on our 12 volt battery as the fridge was working hard to keep essentials cold, while the solar panels had their work cut out to keep up. A fairly shady site, overcast days, saw the battery drop to maybe 25-30% state of charge, which is much less than is ideal. And that was even with an extra solar panel borrowed from Trent for a total of 360 watts all up. Still, everything kept on working and the food (and beer) stayed cold.

Dees Corner is just ‘around the corner’ from the main Mungo Brush campground, so we did a couple of little short bike rides through the bush to take rubbish to the bins through there. We were glad to be in Dees Corner as it was far quieter, and felt more family friendly.

All hooked up and out in the sun to dry

The final morning the camper was quite damp from overnight dew. We had reached the end of this trip, and weren’t going to be able to open up the camper back at home, so needed to make sure it was totally dry before putting it away. As I mentioned earlier, there was a whole amount of shade on the site so we had to move the camper, still open, into the sun for 20 minutes or so before we left in order to get totally dry.


Nights here: 4
Total nights: 123
Trip distance: 395km (including trip home)
Total distance: 12961km

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