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Fenningham’s Island Leisure Village

Unlike this time last year when we were on our big Fraser Island trip, this year we only had 1 week to spend in the camper. Rach’s family from New Zealand had been with us for a week over Christmas, and no sooner had they left – it was time to hit the road!

Our destination was Fenningham’s Island Leisure Village, just outside of Nelson Bay, about 2.5 hours north of Sydney. We hadn’t been here before and were looking forward to getting there, kicking back, and doing a whole lot of “not much” for a week! Dave & Kate and their 4 kids were also joining us – it was going to be great catching up with them.

When we arrived to check into our “two non-powered sites, side by side” that we confirmed a number of times, the alarm bells began to ring when we were instructed to: “just head down to the end and find a spot on the grass, there’s plenty of room.” We followed the instructions to find pretty much what we expected – a huge mess. Tents, campers, cars, shelters, absolutely everywhere, with nowhere that we could possibly set up… let alone Dave and Kate (aka the Griswolds) who had borrowed Kate’s Mum’s Winnebago for the week.

This setup was never going to fit elsewhere!

Returning to the office we pointed out what Stevie Wonder could have seen, and without too much fuss were offered another space under some trees at the opposite end of the park. After a little deliberation we decided that it would work well. A staff member was kind enough to give the grass a fresh cut for us, and we were setting up when Clark Griswold and family arrived in the family truckster.

Clark Griswold in the family truckster!

Before too long we were all set up and ready to relax. It was Lucas’s birthday so the kids enjoyed some cake and some birthday games to celebrate.

Over the next week we went into Nelson Bay a couple of times which was great fun, had some fish and chips at Fingal Bay for lunch one day, and spent plenty of time hanging out with the kids and being in the pool. New Years Day was particularly warm, still being about 30 degrees when we all went to bed at about 11pm.

We love hanging out with our friends

We love hanging out with our friends

One of the down sides of this particular camp site was the number of nasty bull ants that didn’t appreciate our presence! We discovered that ant sand works very well and helped to establish our dominance. It wore off after a couple of days, so we re-applied the ant sand early one morning. The ants didn’t appreciate this, and started, literally, to attack us! They won that round, we went out for a while to return a couple of hours later to sweep up the hundreds of dead ants.

Camp council – we’re not afraid of ants!

While we had a great time here over the week, we couldn’t recommend this site, and won’t be visiting again.

Our 7 nights here takes our total to 122.


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