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Burralow Creek… again

2-4 November, 2012

In keeping with our recent tradition of visiting familiar places, when the Louis family suggested a camping weekend, Burralow was the obvious choice. Within a couple of easy hours drive from Sydney on a Friday afternoon, the location was set and before we knew it we were setting off after work.

Rob and Barb’s setup

It was dark by the time we arrived, but plenty of practice (and lights!) made easy work of this, and before long we were sitting around the fire. In a break from protocol, Barbs and Rob also opened drinks BEFORE camp site setup was complete! It was our duty to inform them of correct protocol, and refuse all temptations until our campsite was in an acceptable state.

Sunday was a beautiful day to do some bushwalking

We woke on Saturday morning to cool and overcast conditions… just perfect for sitting around, chatting and relaxing. And we did PLENTY of that! Barbs and Rob are planning a trip over Christmas to the Victorian High Country, so it was good to hear about their plans. (Truth be told, we were actually quite jealous!)

Rob and I had taken our bikes, so managed to sneak out during the afternoon for a ride up the hill and back. There were some fantastic views, and it was great to check out a new area on the bike.

We had a sensational leg of lamb cooked in the camp fire on Saturday night – thanks to Barbs and Rob for that absolute treat!

On Sunday morning we went for a bush walk to a waterfall on ‘Burralow Creek’ before packing to head home. Just before we left Lynton (Barb and Rob’s son) found a tick on the back of his neck, and very quickly broke out in a bad rash all over his body. Fortunately we had some ‘Redipred’ steroid in our medicine kit which we were able to give him before sending them off to the nearest emergency department. He was administered some more medication immediately when they arrived, and a couple of hours later he was back to normal. A slightly more exciting end to the trip than we would have liked!

Enjoying the waterfall at the end of the bushwalk

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