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Great story of survival!

I don’t think there’s a person in the country who hasn’t been affected and touched in some way by the recent devastating floods in Queensland. We’ve all sat aghast in front of the tv, watching in disbelief the devastation caused, and no doubt shed a tear or two for those who have lost loved ones.

However, I had to share this slightly lighter story of survival from the floods. No, it isn’t a human interest story, its the survival of a camper trailer. When all other vehicles around it were effectively destroyed, this sturdy Trackabout Camper Trailer wasn’t done yet! I won’t paraphrase the story, instead direct you to read here, where you can see the story and pictures for yourself.

Here's a sample image - many others in the original story

And, if we hadn’t already raved about the customer service that Trackabout lavishes on its customers, check out the generous act of kindness from Johnny Trackabout who is repairing the damage done to the camper for nothing! That’s right, not a thing. Knowing JT as well, I suspect that the owner may just find himself with a few surprise upgrades. I hope you enjoy the read!

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  1. Dave Pears

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    Good bye

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