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The Entrance – January 2011

It didn’t take long for us to set off on our first camping trip of 2011. Dunleith Tourist Park at The Entrance on NSW’s Central Coast was the destination. While we normally avoid these kinds of built up parks in busy areas, we were joining my (Dave’s) parents for the week, and it ticked all of the boxes.

Despite having to stop for about an hour on the way to fix the dragging brakes on their caravan, we all arrived at about 12.30 and found our sites before having some lunch. We decided that we would nose in the trailer, right against the fence on the right hand side. This would give us plenty of space to open the tent, park the car, and have our annexe facing towards the water.

You can see the fence here on the right.

It didn’t take us too long to realise the folly of our decision. We opened the tent, got it set up nice and straight, taking our time, pegging in (much more than usual) and then started to set up the annexe. I went to grab the first pole from the pole box, and stopped dead in my tracks. You see, the pole box on the Trackabout Camper Trailer opens to the drivers side… which just happened to be about 50cm from the fence – making it rather difficult (read: ‘impossible’) to access any poles! (Note to Johnny Trackabout – JT – how about making an opening on either side of the pole box?!)

Some muscle was employed to twist the trailer enough to clear an opening in the fence, all poles removed and then twisted back into position. That smallĀ aberrationĀ aside, we were soon set up (including our new Waeco CF50-DZ fridge / freezer) and relaxing with a cleansing ale or two.

This is thirsty work!

It wasn’t long before the rain came. A decent storm that evening would punctuate the beginning of a week filled with rain / sun / rain / sun … you get the picture. Fortunately the breaks in the rain were long enough for us to enjoy some time around The Entrance, particularly with the kids. We visited the Pelican feeding one afternoon, and twice the kids had a splash in the shallow water play area in the middle of town.

Plenty of fun in the water!

I was fortunate enough to escape for a morning to do some riding at Ourimbah. The mountain bike tracks up there are sensational, and it won’t be long at all before I get back for another ride.

The final Saturday evening was our 5 year anniversary – so Rach and I went to Lizotte’s to see The Idea of North. A great way to finish the week.

Despite overnight showers, we were (just) able to pack up a dry tent and complete the short trip home before lunch. We had enjoyed another 7 nights in the camper trailer – taking our total now to 19 nights. As we start to plan a 4-5 week trip to Fraser island this time next year, we’re praying that the rains that haven’t stopped in Queensland for so long now, don’t decide to do the same thing in 12 months time!

What are you looking at?! Huh? Ya Pelican!

So… when’s our next trip??

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