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Indian Head – Part 1

4-6 January 2017
We left Tahlee unsure of our next destination, and Ella still feeling a little unwell – not quite herself. A bit of wikicamps on the way north and we decided that somewhere not far from Port Macquarie would be a nice place for a couple of days. Rach called the NPWS office at Diamond Head and while they were fully booked, we were advised that both Indian Head and Kylie’s Beach were only at about 30% occupancy. Leaving the Pacific Highway at Kew we turned right and headed for the coast.
A cute little cafe was found in Laurieton for lunch which was quite nice, before continuing into Indian Head. It was really quiet as we arrived, and we set up on the eastern side of the camping area. This is a large open campsite so you’re free to find the site that suits you the best. We had the trees on the eastern side for shade in the morning, and then used the camper to provide shade in the afternoon. This also allowed our solar panels to be in full sun late into the afternoon. Once set up I went into Diamond Head to pay for a couple of nights. The campground at Diamond Head was VERY busy and much more like a caravan park setup with people all very close together. We were glad to be at Indian Head!

Plenty of space here to spread out

Next day we made our way into Port Macquarie to have a bit of a look around and do a little bit of shopping. We have been looking for a couple of small cushions for the camper as the seat backs on the lounge are very flat and become uncomfortable on the lower back after sitting for a while. Rach bought one whilst shopping unsupervised, which on return to the camper, was deemed unsuitable. This would necessitate another trip back into Port the following day to return the cushion.

Looking back towards Crowdy Head

From the campground there was a short walk up to the lookout which we did in the afternoon. From the lookout there was a great view south to Crowdy Head. Lucas and I decided that the walk would make an awesome short single track bike ride, so once we got back we put the helmets on and rode up the hill to the lookout and then back down again.

Our walk, almost back at camp

This was also the first time we would use our new shower tent. Over the years we have had a couple of different tents – starting with the typical “remove from the bag and explode, then fight for 20 minutes trying to fold and twist it back into the bag when you’re finished.” I think everyone has had one of these. From there we moved to a slightly better, yet almost as frustrating “praying mantas” shower tent. This version had folding legs which seemed to fold in every direction except the direction that you needed them to. On our last trip Trent had a new shower tent from Joolca, which seemed ridiculously easy to set up, had a good shower space, and also had 2 rooms – one for the shower itself, and the other for a portable toilet, or for dressing. It even had a towel rail!

The new shower tent has made a great addition to our setup

Ella was the first to use it as a shower and gave it the big thumbs up. Having a drying and dressing room was a real positive. It is just as easy to set up as it first looked, and has a hose inlet point for the shower that we can line up perfectly with the shower outlet. Winner!
We decided to stay an extra night which gave us time to return the aforementioned cushion to Port, and take the kids for a swim at Lake Cathie on the way back to camp. It must be said that the locals here were pretty friendly and obviously quite used to having some humans around!

Lucas enjoying a swim at the lake

Most nights here we had some rain, and our last night was no different. The rain continued, however, into the morning as an annoying drizzle as we had a bit of a wet pack up. Not so much a big deal as we knew that we would be opening up again later that day at our next site. We enjoyed our 3 days here – a nice peaceful campsite.

One of the friendly locals

Nights here: 3
Total nights: 113
Trip distance: 176km
Total distance: 12112km
Cost: $108 + 1 cushion (later returned)
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