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2-3 January, 2017

We left Dave and Kate’s place complete Nomads. We had no particular location locked in, but thought we’d just hit the road and see where it took us. Fortuitously the first place it spat us out was at Buladelah for a top up of gas, and a spot of lunch.

Our campsite at Tahlee. New shade cloth giving kids some afternoon shade and extra privacy.

While wandering up the main street on the way to get my gas bottle filled I happened to spot my old boss from when I first started teaching – many, many years ago! Lynne was my subject coordinator for about 4 or 5 years and I’m very grateful to her for the leadership model she displayed during that time. It is one that I’ve tried (mostly unsuccessfully) to emulate since then. I haven’t see her for maybe 10 years, so it was such a thrill to stop and catch up with her – albeit so very briefly. Seeing her again was such a blessing – she would always leave you feeling encouraged, and I most definitely walked away from our brief, chance encounter with an extra spring in my step.

Lucas enjoying a swim

I had to wait a while for my gas bottle to be re-filled, so Rach and the kids headed back to the car before me. When I got back there, Rach was talking to Leon – a friend of ours who we had camped with a few years ago down at Kiama. Turns out that they were camping just down the road at a site called Tahlee (with some other friends – including some work colleagues) and there might have been some space there if we wanted to head there. Perfect timing, so we got on the phone and booked in for the next 2 nights.

Tahlee is on the northern banks of Port Stephens, not too far from Carrington and Tea Gardens. We had a pretty quiet time there, as Ella had a pretty bad upset tummy and needed to have some serious down time. Lucas and I had a couple of little rides, but the majority of the time was spent relaxing and looking after Ella. Not enough time was spent catching up with our friends, but there will be other opportunities for that not too far down the track I’m sure.


Nights here: 2
Total nights: 110
Trip distance: 186km
Total distance: 11936km

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