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Jilliby Downs

17-23 January 2016

With still another week before we could go home (as we had rented our house out again for the holiday), we needed a spot to stay within striking distance of Sydney, as I was planning on going into work for most of that week. It made sense to camp up on the lawn of our friends at Jilliby again for the week, as they were in need of some baby sitting later in the week. Two birds, one stone.

We folded the Ultimate out right at the front door and made ourselves at home for the week. We had some great weather and the kids enjoyed regular swims and just hanging out. The adults cooled down with some refreshments and also enjoyed hanging out!

Fun with friends

Rach took Libby shopping one day and had a great time. They also made us a cracking Pav one night which was great.

Libby, Rach and their creation

I came down to Sydney to work each day, which wasn’t too bad, but reminded me how much I should be thankful for my regular 7 minute commute. I still get a little cranky if I need to stop at the lights (any lights) more than once.

We had one funny moment at about 2am one morning when Coco – the Dog, was barking at something. I got up and found a turtle just near our camper, which was a surprise as Dave and Kate had only recently got a pet turtle – Trevor, who looked alot like this particular Turtle. Anyway, I got up and checked that it wasn’t actually Trevor by checking his tank (which wasn’t easy at 2am). Identity established as definitely NOT Trevor, we put him (Trevor the 2nd) in a bucket to deal with in the morning… only to find he had disappeared by the morning!

Whilst at Dave and Kate’s place, we made plans for a boys weekend to the Bathurst 12 hour only a couple of weeks later which we were looking forward to very much.

Everyone in one spot!

Before we knew it, the week here was over, and it was time for us to head home. We always have a great time hanging with these guys. The kids all get along so well which is a real joy to us as Mums and Dads.

Of course, when it came time to pack up, the rain came…

So our trip was at an end. We had a great time, visiting some new destinations, and returning to some previously visited. I think the favourite spot this time must be Stradbroke Island. We had amazing weather, and it was beautiful to be camping just metres from the beach. I suspect we’ll be back one day in the not too distant future.


Nights here: 7
Total Nights: 72
Trip distance: 286 (including trip home)
Total distance: 6548

Trip Stats:

Total Nights: 50
Total Distance: 3513km
Total Accommodation Cost: $1894
Best Pie: Pepper Steak Pie – Tenterfield Bakery
Average Fuel Economy: 19.6 l/100km

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