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Camp Elim – Forster

13 – 16 January, 2016

Escaping Cundle Flat and the extreme heat, we headed for the coast. Not really sure where we would end up, we had a few options in front of us. With Rach on the phone we finally booked ourselves into Camp Elim for 4 nights. Camp Elim is run by the baptist church and is just south of Forster.

*NOTE* Anyone thinking about coming to Camp Elim, keep in mind the following:

  1. No bikes are allowed to be ridden around the campsite
  2. No Alcohol
  3. No dump point

Happy after going right to the top!

When we arrived they had the giant swing running which was a hit with the kids. They were both keen to have a turn and really enjoyed themselves. We set up slowly whilst this was happening as it was still pretty warm. Lucas was particularly brave and went right to the top before pulling the string to let the swing start!

Loving the giant swing! Even got a bonus turn.

Later in the afternoon a family arrived in the campsite next to us with a Trackabout Camper. Once they set up we got to know them and hung out with them for the next couple of days. The weather was beautiful so we spent plenty of time down by the lake making use of the Canoes and paddle boats that were available.

Located on the beautiful Wallis Lake

A cold, windy and rainy change came through the next evening that had us making sure everything was tied down well. As our new friends packed up in the rain to continue their trip back to Queensland, we remained warm and comfy in our bed. The kids even spent longer in their swags than usual, not really wanting to brave the elements.

Our campsite during a break in the showers

We were thankful for having some interior space that morning, as we cooked some pancakes inside out of the rain before heading into Forster for a look around the shops. (What else is there to do on a wet, cold, rainy day!) After a couple of similar rainy days, it was time to pack up and head back towards Sydney again. It was a Sunday morning when we left so we stayed for the Church service that was run in the hall before getting in the car and heading south to find a dump point before our next stop.

Cooking inside during the inclement weather


Nights here: 4
Total nights: 65
Trip distance: 144km
Total distance: 6262km
Cost: $176

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