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Lake Crosbie – Murray Sunset National Park

25-27 September, 2014

We rolled out of Swan Hill in convoy with Mum and Dad, making our way to the Murray Sunset National Park. Along the way we stopped at Lake Tyrrell, the largest Salt Lake in Victoria. We couldn’t see much ‘pinkness’ as it was quite an overcast day, however we could see some very large mounds of salt on the far side of the lake.

Looking down at Lake Tyrrell

Some tasty morsels were enjoyed that Rach had picked up from the ┬ábakery in Swan Hill, before we stopped in Ouyen for a final splash of fuel before continuing into the national park. At Lake Crosbie we had our choice of camp sites, and we chose one that suited us well, with room for us as well as Mum and Dad’s caravan.

Our campsite at Lake Crosbie

The following day we did a great little 4WD loop through the national park. Recent rains meant that there were a few sections of track with some standing water which, along with some smallish dunes, meant that low range was engaged, pressures dropped and smiles on the drivers and passengers alike. Stan (the Lexus) got significantly muddy for (probably) the first time in his life, and Dad’s pristine white Disco 4 also ended up looking like a real 4WD for the first (hopefully not last!) time.

A quick stop on the way to Mopoke Hut. Before mud…

We visited the Mopoke hut, which was used from the 60s for local farmers to stay in as they were herding cattle. We found it quite interesting as the countryside consisting mostly of Mallee scrub didn’t seem to be ideal cattle grazing country. But then what do I know about grazing cattle?!

The Mopoke Hut

On the return we climbed our way to the top of Mt Crozier, which, at 90 metres above sea level, surprisingly towers above the surrounding landscape. It affords 360 degree views of the surrounding landscape. A great day was topped off with a great lamb roast.

The view from Mt Crozier

Mum and Dad left the next day to move on to somewhere that they could get some TV reception in order to watch the Swannies get a lesson in AFL football in the final. The wind came up and we had a fairly quiet and relaxing day hanging out at our campsite. Lucas and I went for a few rides, but didn’t do too much else.

The view back across the lake to our campsite

We had a fun explore around the lake.

The wind picked up even more throughout the night. We didn’t get too much sleep, hoping that we’d still have a tent to pack up in the morning! We did, but we didn’t waste too much time in packing up as the forecast was for the winds to pick up even higher.

Unfortunately, we had set up so that the camper was more like a parachute when the wind came up.

We’d almost finished packing when we had a real treat. There was a small commotion in the camp site next to us, and we looked up across the lake to see a solitary Kangaroo jumping across the lake. We didn’t have a camera handy, but it was one of those iconic images that will stick in our minds. Oh, and clearly the lake wasn’t all that deep!

We managed to get all packed up. You can see that the lake is slightly pinkish!

We had a fantastic time here. The Murray Sunset National Park has a whole lot to offer. We hope to get back here at some point in the future and do some more exploring. Our third night here takes our total to 171 nights.


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