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Mudgee Showground

19 – 22 April, 2018

Leaving the Warrumbungles we headed down towards Mudgee where we planned to stay for a few nights and have a more urban experience. Mudgee is a great little town, and has plenty to do.

Great site at Mudgee Showground

Just down the road 30 minutes is Gulgong. I remember staying here as a child and visiting the Pioneer Museum, so we made a day trip across to this historic town, once featured on the Ten dollar note. There’s so much in this museum. We easily spent a couple of hours in there, and could easily stay longer. Everything from old electronic equipment like TVs, to farming equipment, hospital rooms… this museum has it covered. I’d highly recommend checking it out – doesn’t look much from the outside, but it is one of those real hidden gems.

On Saturday morning there were some fresh food markets in town which we went to check out. The added bonus was that there was a kids cooking experience which we enrolled the kids in. (They were a bit chewy – wouldn’t recommend it…) Another couple of hours free child minding! Well, it wasn’t free, but they were well entertained. Rach and I sampled some great food and wine from local producers while the kids were cooking some pasta using all local ingredients.

Kudu having a game of soccer with Ella

Following the markets lunch at the Mudgee Brewery just around the corner seemed like a good idea. Food was great, and the tasting paddle of beers was even better! We packed up a few things early and enjoyed a thunderstorm and change roll through before a cool evening and early to bed.

Our selection

Mudgee is a great spot, and we loved it here. The showground is well located and had lovely grassy sites to choose from. We’ll be back soon!


Nights here: 3
Total nights: 199
Trip distance: 500km (including trip home)
Total distance: 21,861km

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