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Neurum Creek Bush Retreat

31 December, 2011 – 2 January, 2012

Relaxation was the order of the day for Neurum Creek – and that’s exactly what we had.

Whilst we didn’t have that perfect grassy site that we have been yearning for, once we had set up on our large site in our “L” configuration again, we had a great spot with heaps of room for the kids to play. Even if it did take Dave a while to get a couple of his pegs into the ground due to numerous rocks just below the dirt.

Lucas decided (after Ella and Milly both had a go) that he needed to sit on the potty for a wee. He isn’t toilet training yet, but we let him sit down and have a go. For about half an hour (probably more) he sat there waiting for some action… but sadly nothing came. At least he had some good reading material to digest while he was there. I’m not sure where he picked up this trait…


It was NYE, so we let the kids stay up late, and then we in turn hung out long enough to see in the new year, before heading to bed. It was a little chilly here at night, and we were all pretty happy to snuggle under our respective bedding!

Then we relaxed… had extended meals, games with the kids, ate well, even built our first camp fire of the trip! NOW we’re camping!



We were ALL very relaxed now!


We were only here 3 nights (to take our total to 74), and could have stayed longer. Much to our amusement, there were a few showers of rain overnight. Just to get us wondering whether it would be a dry pack up.

It was dry in the morning, and we were on the road heading for Yamba before 9:30am…

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