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Headland Holiday Park, Nambucca Heads

6-9 January, 2012


No, this isn’t a personal comment (some may disagree) – but when we arrived at Nambucca Heads it was windy! Very Windy! It looked as well like the heavens were about to open, but thankfully they didn’t as we set up fairly quickly. We had two sites, on grass that were side by side. Yay!

The first day here we did a day trip back into Coffs to see “The Big Banana”. Lucas thought this was awesome, as bananas are close to his favourite food at the moment.


We had lunch there and then went window shopping at the *cough* Jayco dealership with Dave and Kate, who have decided they might be better suited to something that’s easier and faster to set up than a camper.

For now we are more than happy with out Trackabout camper trailer. Yes, there are limitations with a soft floor camper, particularly around where and how you can set up for a quick overnight stop. But for now that isn’t really a problem for us. Maybe a few years down the track when we do some ongoing touring.


The next day was our wedding anniversary and we spent most of it at the beach. The kids had a great time playing in the water on their new boogie boards. The weather was perfect again and we made the most of being outside and enjoying the warm weather before inevitably we get back to Sydney (and dismal summer weather!).


Rach and I went out for dinner at a Thai restaurant. The restaurant was attached to a motel which looked like it was built in the early 70’s, and hadn’t had any maintenance done to it since! That said, the meal was actually really enjoyable!

Dave and Kate celebrate their anniversary the day after us, so the plan was for us to reciprocate and look after their kids while they went out for dinner as well. I say this WAS the plan because Rach did her best to cut her finger off while chopping beans for the kids dinner! (Yeah, the kids weren’t keen on the beans anyway.)

Turned out that she did indeed cut her finger off… Not the whole thing, but a tiny bit off the tip. At trip to emergency at Macksville Hospital had her all fixed up, wound dressed, and instructions to me how to re-dress the wound each day.

The doctor was particularly funny…

Doctor: (with a dead pan expression on his face) What were we chopping?
Dave: The beans…
Doctor: looks at Rach’s finger… Doesn’t look like a bean…

Fortunately we were able to get back to Nambucca in time for Dave and Kate to still go out to dinner and enjoy their evening together.

The next morning, after all of this excitement, was time to pack up and move on again. Tinged with sadness this time as Dave and Kate were heading back to Sydney while we still had a week left. All packed in dry weather (despite some overnight showers) we said our goodbyes after nearly 5 weeks traveling together.


We hadn’t been in the car for 5 minutes before the kids started asking for their friends. They will just need to be entertained by us now for the next week! Hmm… No wonder they miss their friends! Those 4 nights took us to 81.

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