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Shaw’s Flat Reserve

16-18 September, 2014

After heading back into Walwa for a mandatory coffee for Rach on the way out, we headed for our next stop – carefully selected from our new best travelling app – Wikicamps. We stopped in Albury for a few supplies and a bite for lunch before heading back on the road towards Corowa.


Family game of cards in the afternoon

We arrived at Shaw’s Flat Reserve mid-afternoon to discover the we had the whole place to ourselves. We chose a beautiful spot by the river to set up, and before long we were relaxing. We timed the set-up quite well as soon after there was a short shower of rain that gave us a view of the Murray in a different light again. Rach, the kids and Kudu enjoyed a few games of cards under the annexe staying dry.


Our campsite – with not another person in sight.

An amazing sunset after the quick shower of rain

The following day Ella was feeling quite unwell, so we had a quiet and relaxing day, at the camp site in the morning, and heading into Corowa in the afternoon to take Ella to the doctors and have a look around. We visited the Whiskey and Chocolate factory, which (sadly) doesn’t have any Whiskey yet, but promises to be an awesome place once they are finished with the renovations. The kids were able to make their own, huge, chocolate freckles. Lots of fun! It is built at the site of the old flour mill and has plenty of rustic charm. Hopefully we’ll get back there one day soon.

Making the chocolate freckle


This place is going to be amazing when it is finished. The Chocolate and Whiskey factory in Corowa.

Ella made the fastest recovery anyone has ever seen the next morning, and was back to her usual fun, bubbly self. We headed down to Glenrowan to check out all of the Ned Kelly stuff, however the kids are still a bit too young to really be able to share too much of the story with. We had a look around Rutherglen and then a couple of wineries before coming back to the camper to enjoy our third night of complete isolation.

The campfire, dinner cooking, and the Murray River


Lucas being very helpful doing some washing up

The nights were cool here, but they days were generally quite pleasant. It was great to have a whole heap of space to ourselves as we spent heaps of time around the camp site kicking the soccer ball and riding bikes. This is an awesome spot, and would highly recommend it to anyone who likes this type of camping.

Next, we head off to Echuca!

The view from bed first thing in the morning

Another 3 night stop takes our total of nights spent in our camper to 162.

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