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The search… then decision.

We weren’t planning to buy a camper.

Well, we were – but probably not yet. The problem was, we started looking.

I was in Coffs Harbour for a mate’s Dad’s funeral, and popped into the BCF store after I had a ‘white plastic bag’ for lunch. Among a whole range of other great camping gear, they had a CT set up. The idea started to grow again – maybe we should have a look around and see what’s available?

So the when the following weekend became one of Sydney’s wettest in quite some time, we decided to do some window shopping. We loaded up the car and met our friends (and partners in camping) and headed out to the Auburn BCF store. We had a look there, then went to the Sydney GIC Campers showroom.

While nothing at the BCF really stood out to us – the visit to GIC got us thinking. These are pretty good value for money campers, at the budget end of the market. (Read: ‘Our end of the market’!)

We came away thinking that their off road model, with a few extras, would set us on our way nicely. Sure, it wouldn’t be everything that we wanted in a CT, but we could perhaps build it up over time, adding extras as we could afford it.

Over the next few months we thought, discussed, and dreamed some more.

Maybe we should option up the GIC a bit more to start with…

Maybe it would be better to look at the second hand market…

Could we afford a little more…

What options do we really need…

What types of trips are we planning to do…

We started looking around at a few second hand offerings, and were impressed that the amount of camper that we could get, for only just a little more than a new GIC. We joined a couple of internet forums to get more information. We found Myswag particularly useful, and will continue to be part of that community.

After hours and hours of reading, both online and in Camper Trailer magazines, and talking to people, we decided that we the best camper trailer for our needs and budget was going to be a Trackabout. The only decision left to be made was whether we bought new or second hand, and what model we would get.

Read more about that in the next post!

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