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Yengo National Park

This is one of those hidden little gems that I really don’t want to tell you about. Well, I could tell you about it… but I’d have to kill you. If you want to take the risk… then read on!

Stan towing the camper on the way to our campsite. Doing it easy and looking great with new ARB Sahara Bull bar.

The Yengo National Park is nestled a couple of hours northwest of Sydney, in between Wollombi to the northeast, and the Putty road to the west. Our friends Trent and Leanne, with their two boys Sean and Ryan were our travel partners for the long Anzac weekend. They are just getting back into camping and 4Wding, so the plan was to spend some time relaxing and chatting camp setup, and some more time exploring some of the 4WD tracks in the area.

Friday afternoon relaxing

There was a certain amount of reluctance to set off from some quarters of our house following some pretty heavy rain the night before we left, and constant showers on the drive up did little to generate any enthusiasm. After about 5 minutes of dirt road, Rach told the kids that were were almost there, and that surely there wasn’t long to go…

All this space to ourselves…

… a little over an hour later we arrived at the ‘Blue Gum’ camp site. This was in a lovely grassy clearing with recently cut grass, a decent size fire ring and a pit toilet. We had plenty of space, and it looked like it was just going to be our families, so we took advantage of the space and spread out to set up camp on either side of the fire. One of the great things about this site is that you need a key to access this particular part of the national park, so there weren’t too many people around at all.

Not long after we had lunch, the clouds cleared and we enjoyed a magnificent afternoon in the nice warm sun relaxing and chatting, while the kids happily played together and rode their bikes.

Yay!! We have a fire!

As the sun set we got the fire started, cooked dinner over the fire and continued the theme of relaxation! The plan for Saturday was to get up and then do a 4WD around the Big Yango Loop.

This was a great loop with some great views and enough 4WD to require low range to be selected for a few of the climbs and descents. Certainly nothing too gnarly, but not exactly soft-roader friendly either! There were a few tight sections and rocky parts, as well as an awesome little rainforest section.

Stan coming through the jungle!

We got back for a late lunch and then spend the afternoon preparing the fire and camp ovens for our respective lamb and beef roasts that we were cooking for dinner. They turned out pretty well and, since we were leaving the next day, we made sure that the firewood was all used up before we went to bed.

Snowflake and Stan on the loop

We were hoping for a fine morning so that the heavy overnight dew would mean a dry pack up, but that wasn’t to be. Just as we were finishing breakfast it started raining, and then settled in. So unfortunately we finished a great weekend having to pack away wet canvas and then open it out again when we got home.

We eat well when camping!

To keep the variety coming, we came home via the Putty road (also avoiding any long weekend traffic on the M1) and had a sensational bacon and egg roll at the old Halfway roadhouse.

Thanks to Trent and Leanne for organising an awesome weekend. We can’t wait for the next one.

Set up at home to dry off

Only 2 nights, here, but that brings out total to 152 nights.


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