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Deua River Campground

30 September 2015

We left Moruya and headed west along the banks of the beautiful Deua River. Before long the track turned to dirt, and we enjoyed the scenery even more. We weren’t sure what the camp sites here would be like, and hoped to find something that was right on the river, not unlike what we had enjoyed on the Murray 12 months ago.

First site was nice, but probably more suited to smaller tents and swags. Once a camper got in, it would be hard to move around.

The first site we checked out was really quiet, at the bottom of a fairly steep climb. Low range was engaged as we crawled down the hill. The sites were quite nice, but not quite what we had in mind. We had a quick leg stretch, and took a little air out of the tyres to make sure we would have plenty of traction heading back up the hill. A little further along we came to the Deua River Campground, which was similarly quiet, and only marginally closer to the river. After a quick conference it was decided to do an overnight stop here, before continuing our journey the following day.

Lucas was happy with a Lemonade and overnight stop! We left the car attached, and drove up onto the levellers to keep the camper level.

After we were set up we went for a walk down to the river to have a bit of a look around, and skim some stones. We made our way back up the hill to the camper and set about making a fire for the afternoon as things cooled down. We had the whole campsite to ourselves and enjoyed the peace and quiet here.

It was beautiful down by the river

After our walk

Fortunately we had an early night, as Mr Ranger was around first thing in the morning to collect our camping fees for the night. We had a relaxing morning with the sun peeking through the trees as we packed up again, and continued our climb up over the ranges.

Beautiful morning before packing up


Nights here: 1
Total nights: 18
Trip distance: 45km
Total distance: 2062km
Cost: $16

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