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Saltwater Big 4 – Yamba

3-5 January, 2012

There were 3 days unaccounted for. When we left Sydney there were only 3 days for which we hadn’t booked our sites (except for later in January after Dave and Kate head back to Sydney).

While we were in Rainbow Beach we did a bit of shopping around and decided to stay at the Big 4 caravan park in Yamba. We couldn’t get two sites together, but given that we were now in peak, peak time… Well, beggars can’t be choosers!

Our nice grassy campsite

We had a reasonable drive from Neurum to Yamba, so it wasn’t until later in the afternoon that we arrived and got set up. We had planned BBQ chook for dinner, but Woolies had none left… So much to the delight of the kids, we had a family meal at “Old McDonald’s”.

The attraction of this particular park was that it had a pretty new ‘water park’ incorporated within it. It didn’t take long to check this out, and over the next few days it was to become the centre of our activities. Ella want too sure and preferred to do some proper swimming in the big pool, whilst most of the other kids just loved the big splashes and slides of the water park.

Lucas was stung by a bee that was on the side of the big pool. He just put his hand up onto the edge, right on top of it. “Ouchies!!” he told me straight away and I could see the sting in his index finger. I tried to get it out, but he brushed it off before I could get to it. There was no crying however, as his finger swelled up. We kept an eye on him in case he had a reaction, but in no time he was running around the water park. The swelling went down within a couple of hours.


And that was pretty much the tale of the next few days. We went into Yamba for lunch one day, but pretty much hung out at the pool and water park. Even on the morning we left, we packed by 9:30 and then spent an hour there before heading back “On the Road Again” heading for Nambucca Heads.

It was awesome to have this water park within the Caravan Park. The kids just loved it!

James took Lucas for a ride on this bike. Lucas thought it was just the best!

77 nights now.

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