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MTB Camp – 2016

5-8 April 2016

For the last 4 years I’ve been part of our school cycling camp. Sometimes it has been pure mountain biking, other years we have mixed it up with some cycle paths around Canberra. This year, we decided to make it a proper camping experience – with tents and campfires, along with the riding of course.

Ultimate loaded up with bikes, food and equipment.

Having just done the Mont, my legs were pretty toast, but I was looking forward to another 3 days of riding and camping. We left school 2 cars and campers, with 5 kids and headed south to Wingello State Forest. Wingello was a great venue as it is fairly close, good camping space, and has some great MTB trails for us to explore.

Boys setting up their tent – they got there in the end!

We had some great weather – just perfect for riding and camping. The nights were cool enough for a fire, yet the days were fantastic and made for very comfortable riding. The boys did a great job and improved significantly over the course of the camp. I think they worked hard too, as they struggled to stay up any later than about 8pm for a couple of the nights.

Our campsite

Much thanks to Rod and Vanessa Post for being part of the camp and helping out so much.

Rod and Ness making us some breakfast

Three nights went pretty quickly, and before we knew it the time had come to pack up and head back to Sydney. The end of the term was here which meant holidays. For me that meant one night again at home in my own bed, before turning around and heading south yet again on another adventure.

Some great riding


Nights here: 3
Total nights: 80
Trip distance: 400km
Total distance: 8025km

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