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Thegoa Lagoon – Wentworth

13 – 14 April 2016

We had been planning to visit Wentworth for quite some time to see the point of confluence between the Darling River and the Murray River. Given we were fairly close, we came directly from the Murray Sunset, up through the park to Wentworth.

On the way out of the Murray Sunset NP

It was a great fun drive coming out of the park with the trailers. We had done a small part of the drive the previous day, and decided that it should be ok. There were a few slightly soft sections that required a little bit of extra momentum and right foot to get through, but neither of us were ever challenged.

View from our campsite at Wentworth – Ryan burning off some energy

Incidentally, this is one of the great things about traveling in convoy with at least one other party. When venturing into the unknown the extra peace of mind offered by traveling with others cannot be over stated. We knew that when we were heading into some soft sand, if we didn’t make it we’d have support to help us out and try again. Sure, you can do some of that stuff on your own, but we are certainly more willing to explore further afield and take the road less traveled when we have others with us.

Trent and Leanne preparing some tasty morsels

Into Wentworth we ventured and visited the information centre before stocking up on some groceries and fresh water. From there we found this lovely free camping site on the western side of town. There are many potential sites to choose from, so we did a bit of exploring before settling on one that suited us, right on the edge of the water. It is great to see local councils supporting campers in this way – this site even had rubbish bins and picnic tables for our convenience.

Says it all, really…

The following morning we did the walk out to the point where the Darling and Murray Rivers meet. Currently the Darling is so dry that it was all ‘Murray water’ that we could see. Nonetheless it was great to see where these two great rivers meet, and imagine how important this place would have been back in the 1800s when river travel was so important. We then went into Mildura to have a look around.

Enjoying the walk

Murray on the left, Darling (not to be confused with Leanne) on the right

We had a bit of retail therapy, with Rach purchasing some RedBack boots that she had seen in Sydney, but at a significantly cheaper price. Lunch was a highlight at the Mildura Brewery, located in the old theatre near the middle of town. Trent and I enjoyed a tasting plate of beers, sampling most of their range. Lunch itself wasn’t bad either. We purchased some extra beer to take with us – I particularly enjoyed their IPA and Chocolate Stout.

Chilling out

Following lunch we went back to our campsite and had a pretty quiet afternoon, deciding to keep moving the following day.

More tasty morsels! There’s JUST enough room on the Weber to cook for 2 families. For now…

Wentworth was a really nice little town. They clearly take pride in the town, and it had a really nice and friendly feel. We look forward to coming back here, and perhaps spending some more time at some point in the future. With any luck, when the Darling is actually flowing into the Murray!


Nights here: 2
Total nights: 86
Trip distance: 160 km
Total distance: 9304 km

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