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Trackabout – SOLD

31 October 2015

We posted earlier in the year that our Trackabout was for sale – making room for our new Ultimate in the garage. Despite it taking a little longer than we would have hoped, the Trackabout how has some new owners.

Matt and Sharee, the new owners have 4 kids and are looking forward to doing a whole heap of camping. We are super excited both for them, and that our Trackabout has a good new home and will get plenty of use.

Matt and Sharee – proud new Trackabout owners

It signals the end of an era for us, as we’ve seen some great things with it, and visited some great places – the kids in particular were a little sad to see it disappear down the road. Matt and Sharee, we hope you have as many good times with your family in the Trackabout as we did.

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