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Turon River

24-25 October 2015

Over an email conversation with a few old mates a while back, the idea of a boys camping weekend was floated, and met with unanimous enthusiasm. The plan was for Mike (Rocky), Grant (Burger), John (Coombsy) and I to head west, first thing on Saturday morning and head to the Turon River for the night.

The first snag was hit early in the week preceding as Burger went a bit soft, and decided that he wasn’t going to join us. The second snag appeared later on Friday night before we were to leave, when Lucas vomited all through his bed at about 9:30pm. I couldn’t leave Rach and the kids at home with at least one vomiting child, so it looked like I would be a late scratching. I went to bed thinking that my chances of getting away were very slim, yet still hopeful. When Lucas woke up in the morning though, he was feeling good, and the green light was given to go away.

Coombsy must have borrowed this from his wife…

Meeting time was reviewed and soon enough the 3 of us were on our way across the divide. Rocky and Coombsy in Rocky’s Audi Q7, while I was solo in Stan the Lexus. The Q7 definitely had the upper hand in the driving stakes across the twists and turns of the Bell’s Line of Road, however once we cleared the mountains both were happy to cruise up the Castlereagh Highway to our lunch point at the Capertee Pub.

Lunch at the Royal Hotel in Capertee

A tasty burger later, and we turned left and left again onto the dirt down towards the Turon River and Stan was completely in his element. We descended the hill, navigated a few small water crossings (yes, even the Q7!) and found our preferred campsite totally empty. I’d camped here before with Trent and the little boys, and was keen to have the same site. We picked our spots and I quickly had the awning out and the Jet Tent Bunker set up, and had cracked my first beer whilst watching Coombsy work on getting his pink tent erected.

All set up

Before long we were relaxing and sharing some stories of times gone by. As the sun started to go down, the fire was stoked to cook up some amazing chorizo and then a marinaded lamb butterfly. Extra wood seemed to appear out of nowhere and we enjoyed the warmth of a good size fire to tell even more tall stories.


I had a great sleep with the sides open, being able to watch the fire and stars from bed was pretty cool. More good weather the following day had us stoking up the fire for some bacon and eggs before a leisurely pack up. We climbed up out of the valley before getting back onto the bitumen and heading towards home via the pub at Mt Victoria for lunch!

Not a bad view to wake to!

Thanks to Coombsy and Rocky for a great weekend… Burgs, you can’t miss the next one!

Our campsite

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